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The Right to Participate Actively in the Life of the Nation
Published on : 2014-05-05
The Royal Government of Cambodia ("RGC") has been drafting important laws that have the potential to significantly affect the righ...
2014-2016 Land Reform Project Support Fund
Published on : 2014-07-14
As part of our work to support people campaigning for the respect of land rights, CCHR runs a Land Reform Project Support Fund. Th...
The Failure of Land Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Published on : 2014-07-28
This Briefing Note considers the current state and practice of dispute resolution mechanisms in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambod...
Fair Trial Rights in Cambodia Monitoring at the Court of Appeal
Issued on : 2014-06-23
This report on “Fair Trial Rights in Cambodia” (the “Report”) is an output of the Cambodian Trial Monitoring Project imple...
Profile of Her Excellency Ke Sovannroth
Human Rights Songs in Khmer
Resolving the Political Deadlock in Camb...
Published on : 2014-07-25 In Khmer
Life of Human Rights Defender
Published on : 2014-07-24 In Khmer
Media and Transparency During the Electi...
Published on : 2014-07-23 In Khmer
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