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The Right to Participate Actively in the Life of the Nation
Published on : 2014-05-05
The Royal Government of Cambodia ("RGC") has been drafting important laws that have the potential to significantly affect the righ...
The Protecting Fundamental Freedoms Project Fund
Published on : 2014-12-20
This is a project run by CCHR to support people whose fundamental freedoms have been restricted or violated through criminal charg...
Impunity in Cambodia
Published on : 2014-11-02
Impunity means "without punishment" or "without consequence." In the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”), perpetrators of human r...
CCHR Outcome Report - Post-UPR National Consultation
Issued on : 2014-09-30
In June 2014, the Human Rights Council (the “HRC”) of the United Nations (“UN”) convened for its 26th session. During this...
Ly Srea Kheng: Family Faces Threats and Attacks in Phnom Penh
Human Rights Songs in Khmer
Open Government Partnership (OGP)
Published on : 2015-01-23 In Khmer
Freedom of Association
Published on : 2015-01-22 In Khmer
Boeung Trabek Land Community Concerns
Published on : 2015-01-21 In English
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