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The Right to Participate Actively in the Life of the Nation
Published on : 2014-05-05
The Royal Government of Cambodia ("RGC") has been drafting important laws that have the potential to significantly affect the righ...
The Protecting Fundamental Freedoms Project Fund
Published on : 2014-12-20
This is a project run by CCHR to support people whose fundamental freedoms have been restricted or violated through criminal charg...
Impunity in Cambodia
Published on : 2014-11-02
Impunity means "without punishment" or "without consequence." In the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”), perpetrators of human r...
CCHR Outcome Report - Post-UPR National Consultation
Issued on : 2014-09-30
In June 2014, the Human Rights Council (the “HRC”) of the United Nations (“UN”) convened for its 26th session. During this...
The Rights of Others
Human Rights Songs in Khmer
Successful life of Mr. Tong Soprach in w...
Published on : 2015-02-26 In Khmer
The Rights and Obligations of Khmer Cit...
Published on : 2015-02-24 In Khmer
The Management of Natural Resources in C...
Published on : 2015-02-20 In Khmer
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