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Briefing Notes & Legal Analysis

Digital Wrongs? An Overview of the Situation of Digital Rights in Cambodia

Released on 2016-03-03
The number of internet users in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”) is growing exponentially; the most recent estimate (from the second quarter of 2015) placed internet users at over 41% of the population – an enormous leap compared with World Bank statistics from 2010, which indicated that internet penetration stood at just 1.3%.
Briefing Note

Legal Analysis of the Charging and Detention of Ven Vorn

Released on 2016-02-16
On 07 October 2015, indigenous community leader and land rights activist Mr. Ven Vorn was arrested and sent to Koh Kong provincial prison, where he has been detained in pre-trial detention ever since. His trial is due to begin on 17 February 2016.​
Legal Analysis

Access to Collective Land Titles for Indigenous Communities in Cambodia

Released on 2016-02-11
This Policy Brief will outline the main findings of research conducted by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”) on the challenges within the CLT process, and conclude with key recommendations for relevant stakeholders. More detailed information can be found in CCHR’s Report, “Access to Collective Land Titles for Indigenous Communities in Cambodia”.
Briefing Note

Amicus Brief regarding Mr. Vorn Pao and Nine Others - Criminal Case #936 Submission to the Court of Appeal 11 August 2015

Released on 2016-02-08
CCHR has conducted an analysis of relevant national and international law pertaining to the case of Mr. Vorn Pao and seven other defendants. CCHR respectfully offers to the Court of Appeal of Cambodia the following submission on the occasion of the hearing of this case on 26 January 2016.
Legal Analysis

Women on the Frontline - The Situation of Woman Human Rights Defenders in Cambodia in 2015

Released on 2015-12-28
This Briefing Note aims to provide an overview of the situation of Cambodian WHRDs in 2015, based on the experiences of CCHR’s WHRD Project (the “Project”) in the latter half of 2015. The WHRD Project is a gender-oriented extension of CCHR’s former HRDs Project, and is the first gender-oriented HRD program of its kind in Cambodia.
Briefing Note

Cambodia: Democracy Under Threat

Released on 2015-09-24
In recent months, the Royal Government of Cambodia (“RGC”) has severely restricted fundamental freedoms and attempted to stifle dissenting voices, gravely threatening the future prospects for a peaceful and democratic Cambodia in which human rights are respected.
Briefing Note

CCHR’s Analysis and Key Recommendations on LANGO

Released on 2015-07-22
On 5 June 2015, the Council of Ministers approved the fifth draft of the Law on Association and Non-Governmental Organizations (“LANGO”). After minor changes were made to the text, including the creditable elimination of the 25% budget cap on administrative costs, the draft was sent to the National Assembly in mid-June.
Legal Analysis
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