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Harsh Crackdown on Peaceful Assembly at Wat Phnom Results in Five Injured

Date Issue on 2013-10-18
Freedom of Expression

A Reporter Briefly Detained by Police Chief After Taking Photographs of Police Officers at Work

Date Issue on 2013-08-17
Freedom of Expression

The Ministry of Information ban all the radio stations from broadcasting foreign radio program during election campaign period

Date Issue on 2013-06-29

Freedom of Expression

SRP commune chief threatened by forestry administration for speaking to media

Date Issue on 2013-04-04
Freedom of Expression

Cambodian authorities tell citizens to remove the Mam Sonando Justice Calendar from their homes

Date Issue on 2013-03-01
Freedom of Expression

Cambodian authorities disrupt two Civil Society events planned in parallel with the ASEAN Summit and threaten to arrest any protesters during the visit of President of the United States, Barack Obama

Date Issue on 2012-11-14
Freedom of Expression

Cambodian Government​ is drafting the first ever Cyber Law

Date Issue on 2012-05-24
Freedom of Expression
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