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Briefing Notes & Legal Analysis
Cambodia: Freedom of Assembly “on hold”
Released on 2014-04-08
This Briefing Note focuses on freedom of assembly in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”), and the current unlawful ban on all assemblies, announced by the Ministry of Interior of the Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) on 4 January 2014.
Briefing Note
CCHR Briefing Note Land Reform
Released on 2014-03-28
This Briefing Note provides an overview and analysis of how the Kingdom of Cambodia’s (“Cambodia”) recent history has adversely affected the development of land ownership and registration; discusses the structural, legal and societal causes behind the dispossession of land; considers how the Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) has both failed to safeguard human rights and actively violated those rights; and offers recommendations aimed at addressing these issues.
Briefing Note
”Where is My Justice?”
Released on 2014-03-24
Immediately following the contested National Assembly (“NA”) elections, which took place on 28 July 2013, Cambodian people were able to exercise their right to freedom of assembly in an unprecedented manner. However, on 15 September 2013, security forces resorted to their old tactics and have since repeatedly and disproportionately used excessive force to crack down on protesters. The post-election violence has already led to the death of six persons, the disappearance of at least one individual and to dozens of injured. However, while protesters have been arrested and are currently facing charges, an independent investigation into the excessive use of force by Cambodian security forces has yet to take place.
Briefing Note
Cyber Laws: Tools for Protecting or Restricting Freedom of Expression?
Released on 2014-02-27
This Briefing Note focuses on the drafting of the Kingdom of Cambodia’s (“Cambodia”) first ever​ Cyber Crimes Law (the “Law”), initially announced in May 2012. This Briefing Note summarizes the current internet landscape in Cambodia, the worldwide increase in cyber-crimes, and the ways in which cyberspace can be legislated, and offers concrete recommendations to the Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) on the draft Law to ensure it complies with international human rights standards and guarantees the right to freedom of expression.
Briefing Note
CCHR Releases a Briefing Note on Media Regulation and Freedom of Expression in Cambodia
Released on 2014-02-13
This Briefing Note provides an overview of media regulation in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”) and its implications for freedom of expression. It confirms the need for comprehensive media regulation in several key areas and for less restrictive regulation – which in practice amounts to censorship – in others. The Briefing Note begins by briefly outlining the state of freedom of expression in Cambodia and the importance of a free yet independently regulated media
Briefing Note
Freedom of Expression in the Kingdom
Released on 2014-02-10
This Policy Brief summarizes the results from six RTDs organized over a two-year period by the Project. It concludes with recommendations directed at the Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) for the improvement of the situation of free expression in Cambodia. The right to freedom of expression is a cornerstone of any functioning democracy. Without the right to seek and impart information, to hold opinions and to engage in debate, citizens cannot meaningfully participate in the political lives of their nations. In Cambodia’s fledgling democracy, the state of freedom of expression is worryingly fragile. Up-to-date and first-hand information from those who are directly affected by restrictions to freedom of expression in their everyday lives is essential not just for developing knowledge of the practical realities but as a tool for change.
Briefing Note
Conditional Release of Human Rights Defenders Violates Fundamental Rights to Freedom of Expression and Assembly
Released on 2014-02-05
This Briefing Note addresses the dangerous increasing practice of the Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) of forcing human rights defenders (“HRDs”), protesters and everyday citizens to sign written statements agreeing to not partake in future demonstrations or illegal activities, as a condition of their release or to avoid charges. This practice represents an unlawful restriction on HRDs’ and individuals rights to freedom of expression and assembly and dangerously restricts the environment in which HRDs operate.
Briefing Note
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