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Fundamental Freedom
Freedom of Information
Released on 2012-04-12
Freedom of information is widely recognized as a fundamental human right and a key tenet of democracy. The Royal Government of Cambodia (the “RGC”) has declared its commitment to the right to freedom of information, however, the right to access information, the availability of information, and demand for information are far from entrenched in Cambodian society.
Fundamental Freedom
Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom
Released on 2012-03-16
Freedom of expression and academic freedom are both protected under provisions of domestic and international law.The recent decision by the Royal University of Law and Economics (“RULE”) in Phnom Penh to issue a list of prohibited thesis topics to students seriously impinges upon both the right to academic freedom andthe right to freedom of expression, and is the latest in a series of restrictions on freedom of expression in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”).
Fundamental Freedom
Freedom of Religion in Cambodia
Released on 2012-02-10
Freedom of religion is protected under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia (the “Constitution”) as wellas international law. While it may be rash to claim that there is total freedom of religion in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”), it has made huge progress since the years of communism and the Khmer Rouge, while minority groups now generally face less discrimination on the basis of religion, giving cause for a fair degree of optimismin this regard.However, the right to freedom of religion must be absolute, and should not be restricted under any circumstance, including when the aim is to restrict rights on civil or political rather than on purely religious grounds.
Fundamental Freedom
The Right to Vote
Released on 2012-01-13
With 2012 ushering in two election years for Cambodia, with the 2012 Senate and Commune Elections, and the 2013 National Elections, this fact sheet provides a on overview of the right to vote, specially examining the right to cast ones vote free of violence, or threat of violence, compulsion, inducement or manipulative interference of any kind. This fact sheet is written by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights ("CCHR"), a non-aligned, independent, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights - primarily civil and political rights - throughout Cambodia.
Fundamental Freedom
Free Movement of People in ASEAN
Released on 2011-12-23
The Association of South-East Asian Nations ("ASEAN") intends to establish an "ASEAN Community" by 2015, including the ASEAN Economic Community (the "AEC") that will aim to deepen and accelerate regional economic integration in priority sectors. One of the primary concern as regards establishing a single market is the implications that it will have upon the free movement of people and labor within ASEAN. The AEC envisages the "free flow of skilled labor"and provides for its regulation; however, free movements of "unskilled labor"is not protected. Cambodia should use its position as ASEAN chair to advocate for the same standard of harmonization and protection for unskilled labor as for skilled labor and for the establishment of a human rights mechanism.
Fundamental Freedom
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