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CCHR in the News
Opposition tells CPP: Agree, or talks off
PPP, 2013-11-06
While the new two-month deadline for dialogue would be enough time to yield results, Cambodian Center for Human Rights president Ou Virak called for patience from both sides to end the deadlock. “The main national interest is to keep both sides at the negotiation table,” he said. “If [they] want fast [results], they should state clearly how to achieve it.”
Man accused of logging in Prey Lang
PPP, 2013-11-06
Loggers in Prey Lang forest are under scrutiny once again, after a 21-year-old man was charged with illegally clearing and occupying state-owned land. Chhim Savuth, project coordinator at the Cambodia Center for Human Rights, said that about 100 cubic metres of luxury logs were discovered floating down the Stung Sen River in Sandan district last month.
Rise of the bureaucrats
PPP, 2013-11-06
But Ou Virak, Cambodian Center for Human Rights president, said the level of support from civil servants for the ruling party is something that has been overestimated. “[The CPP] tend to think that they have support [from civil servants] because they show up to rallies and events and wear the [CPP] T-shirts,” he said. “Resolving this issue will go a long way towards de-polarising Cambodia.”
Deadlock yours to fix: US official
PPP, 2013-11-05
Cambodian Center for Human Rights president Ou Virak said he was not surprised by the emphasis on a local solution, given the recent election was characterised by its mass mobilisation of the youth and wider population. “I think the Cambodian people can influence the outcome of the negotiations and a compromise between the parties,” he said. “It’s disempowering to always wait for outside support . . . I think Cambodians need to start to believe that they matter and that they can affect change. That would ensure a strengthening of democracy in this country.”
‘Bandith has to be in jail’
PPP, 2013-11-05
The Cambodian Center for Human Rights said it “deplores the decision of the Court of Appeal to uphold the conviction of Chhouk Bandith for ‘acts of unintentional injuries’ and his sentence to 18 months’ imprisonment, rather than changing the charges to more accurately reflect the nature of the crimes committed”.
Cambodian ex-governor's shooting conviction upheld
Boston, 2013-11-04
Human rights groups say the failure to arrest Bandith and the light sentence demonstrate a culture of impunity for Cambodia’s political elite. ‘‘The sentence is way too lenient,’’ said Ou Virak, president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. ‘‘I think it is still a case of impunity. Chhouk Bandith is still not appearing in court, is still not in detention, and there is still no serious attempt to make an arrest.’’
CNRP softens talk conditions
PPP, 2013-11-01
Ou Virak, head of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said the opposition had already shown it was willing to compromise by cooling its rhetoric ahead of the talks. “They have already compromised on the preconditions … so I think that is a positive sign that the next round [of talks] might take place soon. I expect it will take place early next week,” he said.
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