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CCHR in the News
Opposition Asks ADB To Suspend Funding to Cambodia
VOA, 2013-10-10
Opposition leader Sam Rainsy has asked the Asian Development Bank to suspend funding to Cambodia, whose government he says was not formed legally following the July elections. Ou Virak, head of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said domestic political forces have more potential to create change than outside pressure. “I think both sides should sit down and hold mutual talks, then in my view there would be the possibility for better results.”
Phnom Penh Bans Cambodia Opposition’s Thumbprint Campaign
RFA, 2013-10-09
Authorities in Phnom Penh on Wednesday banned Cambodia’s opposition party from using public spaces to collect thumbprints for a petition calling for U.N. and foreign intervention in the country’s political crisis following disputed polls. Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) Director Ou Virak said Wednesday that the municipal government should lift the ban on the CNRP’s thumbprint campaign in public spaces, adding that the petition would help avoid violence amid the city’s post-election tension.
Critics Question Myanmar's Readiness To Head ASEAN
NRP, 2013-10-09
Just a few years ago Myanmar was an isolated dictatorship that embarrassed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with its dismal human rights record. Now it's poised to take over leadership of the 10-nation bloc for the first time. Ou Virak, president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said that while Myanmar's bureaucracy remains old and inefficient, "the spotlight is probably going to force Burma to reform a bit more."
Rainsy fighting for global support
PPP, 2013-10-09
“I think going to the UN and asking the UN to vacate Cambodia’s seat is certainly unrealistic. If his intention is to embarrass Hun Sen and the CPP, I think he will fail,” Ou Virak said.
Top cop told to catch Bandith
PPP, 2013-10-09
Cambodian Center for Human Rights president Ou Virak said the fact police are being ordered to catch a convicted criminal “reflects the sad state of the Cambodian police”.
Hopes for the release of Cambodian protestor
ABC Australia, 2013-10-07
There are renewed hopes for the release of Yorm Bopha, the young woman who lead a campaign against the eviction of a community to make way for a Cambodian government-backed development, and was jailed on what human rights campaigners describe as trumped-up charges. OU VIRAK, CAMBODIAN CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS: She was one out of many that the Government was trying to use as examples to create more fears, to rule by fear, to continue to rule by fear. When there was some resistance, when there was some dissent, the Government was trying immediately to crush that.
ILO Initiative Could Unravel Cambodia’s Garment Industry: Manufacturers
RFA, 2013-10-04
CCHR said that the plan would improve the lives of workers and help prevent work stoppages, adding that increasing transparency in relation to garment factory conditions should be welcomed and encouraged by companies sourcing from Cambodia.
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