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Poor renters vulnerable: org

Poor renters vulnerable: org

PPP, 2014-11-14
“In Cambodia, the poor have very little land security,” said Vann Sophath, land reform coordinator at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. “When they don’t have a land title, or even when they do, they live in fear of land grabs, because rich companies can do what they want with impunity.”
Asean Draft Statement Foreshadow Upcoming Summits

Asean Draft Statement Foreshadow Upcoming Summits

VOA, 2014-11-11
Ou Virak, an analyst at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said US remains involved in the region, especially in the South China Sea issue, a major maritime thoroughfare, and sees an economic benefit in Asean’s market of 600 million people.
Payouts sign of court’s woes

Payouts sign of court’s woes

PPP, 2014-11-06
“Sometimes, the money awarded by the court is not even enough to bribe the police to enforce the payment,” said Ou Virak, chairman of the board at CCHR. “Most Cambodian people understand they are not going to get any significant money out of the court system, let alone justice.”
Justice for journalists sought

Justice for journalists sought

PPP, 2014-11-03
CCHR executive director Chak Sopheap said that the group was responding to the UN day within the Cambodian context, pointing to the deaths of journalists and activists as well as those killed during the government’s deadly crackdown on striking garment workers in early January as evidence of impunity.
Dueling Holidays Reflect Stark Political Differences

Dueling Holidays Reflect Stark Political Differences

VOA, 2014-10-27
The CPP wants to keep, as long as possible, the gratitude regarding Jan. 7 for ending the Khmer Rouge,” said Ou Virak, chief of the board for the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. “The opposition wants to devalue it, and to value the Oct. 23 holiday for bringing democracy.”
On second thought …

On second thought …

PPP, 2014-10-21
Cambodian Center for Human Rights chairman Ou Virak said that the government appears to be “starting to understand how unpopular the deal is” and would be more receptive to xenophobic concerns than those related to human rights. “I think the Cambodian government is now trying to play down the deal as much as it can and also making sure it will get that money. I think they are probably hoping that not many refugees are going to come anyway,” he said.
Meet the Cloghers: Empowered Women Blogging for Human Rights

Meet the Cloghers: Empowered Women Blogging for Human Rights

Rising Voices, 2014-10-20
Cambodian bloggers, or cloggers, are increasingly using the internet to start powerful conversations about human rights and social change. Amongst them, a group of empowered women, known as Cloghers, are utilising blogs to voice their opinion. CCHR’s Empowering Cloghers Project provides training for Cambodian women who are studying in Phnom Penh, giving them the skills to start their own blogs. Following the initial training, we are excited to introduce to you some of the Cloghers and their blogs.
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