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CCHR in the News
Group Condemns Threats Against Leader of NGO
The Cambodia Daily, 2014-01-10
A coalition of international human rights groups on Wednesday issued a petition to press opposition CNRP leader Sam Rainsy and senior members of the government to publicly condemn
What’s Happening in Cambodia ? VOA Speaks with Activist and Analyst Ou Virak
VOA, 2014-01-10
In recent weeks the Cambodia government has cracked down on striking garment workers demanding a doubling of the minimum wage, as well as political opposition groups who accuse the ruling party of rigging the last election.
Virulent campaign and threats against Mr. Ou Virak and CCHR staff
OMCT, 2014-01-08
The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Cambodia.
Chainsaws stayed busy in past year
PPP, 2013-12-26
The extent of the devastation of Cambodia’s forests was brought into sharp relief as 2013 drew to a close, with a series of detailed maps and satellite data released by NGOs showing the drastic depletion of the Kingdom’s woodland ecosystems And in a report released in August, the Cambodian Center for Human Rights said it had amassed evidence of rampant illegal logging in Preah Vihear being carried out under orders from Pheap.
Strike picks up steam
PPP, 2013-12-26
A statement released by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights on Tuesday aired concern over a letter the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia sent to the Labour Ministry last week, urging the government to enforce a zero-tolerance policy toward “illegal” strikes. “Regardless of the legality of the strike, a zero-tolerance policy will only ignore the root causes of the labor (sic) dispute and most likely lead to further violent crackdowns,” CCHR’s statement said.
Decision on Wages For Cambodian Garment Workers Triggers Protests
RFA, 2013-12-24
"CCHR is concerned that such statements calling for zero-tolerance on illegal strikes will only exacerbate problems within the garment sector," the statement said. "Regardless of the legality of the strike, a zero-tolerance policy will only ignore the root causes of the labor dispute and most likely lead to further violent crackdowns against workers and union members." "By making such statements, GMAC is only adding fuel to the fire," CCHR Coordinator of the Business and Human Rights Project Duch Piseth said. "Instead we call on GMAC to work together with workers and unions to settle disputes peacefully."
Activist’s Facebook firestorm
PPP, 2013-12-20
A vicious backlash on social media has seen angry messages escalate to death threats against human rights activist Ou Virak in reaction to his call for opposition leader Sam Rainsy to stop inciting discrimination against the Vietnamese. Virak, president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, has been attacked on his Facebook page in comments ranging from disappointment to outright vulgar abuse.
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