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CCHR in the News
Ou Virak, President of Cambodian Center for Human Rights
PPP, 2013-12-04
Virak is the president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights and the founder of the Alliance for Freedom of Expression in Cambodia. He is a well-known as a human rights activist in Cambodia, winning the Reebok Human Rights Award in 2007. He spoke to LIFT about the human rights situation in the country
Gov’t forwards publishing complaint to military court
PPP, 2013-12-03
Ou Virak, president of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights said despite it being unconstitutional, military courts frequently handled cases that were not in their remit. “During the civil war, that would make sense, the military courts would handle defamation cases. The military police should not be handling them now,” he said.
Cambodian Authorities Move to Sue Pro-Opposition Newspaper Publisher
RFA, 2013-12-02
Ou Virak, director of the local advocacy group the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said that in the recent case the Moneaksekar Khmer could face either a defamation suit or a lawsuit related to harming national security. Either way, it would not be appropriate for any lawsuit against Dam Sith to come from the military court, since he is a civilian, he said. “Regardless of whether the lawsuit is about defamation or national security, it is wrong to use the military court,” he told RFA.
CCHR hub to get rights advocates connected
PPP, 2013-11-29
The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) has launched the first dedicated technology hub in Phnom Penh designed to teach human rights advocates about technology relevant to their work, program leaders announced yesterday. “Sithi Hub” is a physical space where up to 100 members can meet to develop innovative ways of keying Cambodian citizens into using media and online networking to better the Kingdom, said Lach Vannak, project coordinator of the Sithi project.
Technology used to promote human rights in Cambodia
The Cambodia Herald, 2013-11-28
The Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”) said in a statement that it has launched today — 28 November 2013— the “Sithi Hub”, the first physical human rights technology hub in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”), where innovators and human rights advocates can get together, share ideas, exchange information and knowledge, attend weekly trainings, forums and talks, and develop new and innovative ways to use technology to protect and promote human
Where truth often gets ignored
PPP, 2013-11-26
In a perfect world, said Cambodian Human Rights Center president Ou Virak, a prosecutor “would have to come up with facts that the two accused in this case are knowingly falsifying this information with a malicious intent”. In reality, however, “it’s going to be the oknha, the tycoon, putting pressure on the court [to find them guilty], and it’s going to be the NGOs putting pressure on the court to rule the other way,” he added.
Villagers ‘paid to log’ lost land
PPP, 2013-11-26
Employing local forest communities to illegally fell trees is a new strategy pioneered by tycoon Try Pheap, according to CCHR’s senior natural resources researcher, Chhem Savuth. “About 80 per cent of the population in Preah Vihear’s Rovieng and Cheb districts [are involved in logging] for the companies, because they think the government does not take measures to prevent it, and if they do not log, the companies will log them all [anyway],” he said.
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