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10 Simple Security Tips for Human Rights Defendersin Cambodia
Released on 2015-06-09
Assess security risks and threats before any event, trip or activity, and prepare yourself to deal with potential problems or security incidents. If you have reliable information that the security risk is too high, cancel the event, trip or activity.
The Protecting Fundamental Freedoms Project Fund
Released on 2014-12-20
This is a project run by CCHR to support people whose fundamental freedoms have been restricted or violated through criminal charges or other abuses by representatives of the law.
Fair Trial Rights in Cambodia as Monitored by CCHR
Released on 2014-08-08
The Trial Monitoring Project has published a leaflet 'Fair Trial Rights in Cambodia as Monitored by CCHR". The leaflet presents in numbers CCHR's findings after monitoring trials at the Court of Appeal.
Trial Monitoring
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and Cambodia
Released on 2014-07-15
The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a United Nations (UN) mechanism to review the human rights practices of all the States in the world. During the UPR, States under review explain what they have done to respect human rights while other UN member States give recommendations on how it ​ could improve human rights.
Trial Monitoring
2014-2016 Land Reform Project Support Fund
Released on 2014-07-14
As part of our work to support people campaigning for the respect of land rights, CCHR runs a Land Reform Project Support Fund. This Fund offers grants of up to $150 (depending on the type of activities) to pay activities that promote respect for land rights and protect the shared interest of communities affected by land rights violations.
Trial Monitoring
Key Statistics of Female Candidates and Female MPs Elected in the 2013 National Assembly Elections
Released on 2014-02-03
This leaflet provides statistical information related to the number Assembly Elections of female candidates who stood for the 2013 National Assembly Elections (the “NA Elections”) and the number of female Member of Parliaments (“MPs”) who won seats in the NA Elections, which took place on 28 July 2013. Eight political parties ran in the NA Elections: the Cambodian Nationality Party (“CNP”), the FUNCINPEC Party, the Republican Democracy Party (“RDP”), the Cambodian People’s Party (“CPP”), the Khmer Economic Development Party (“KEDP”), the Khmer Anti-Poverty Party (“KAPP”), the Cambodian National Rescue Party (“CNRP”), and the League for Democracy Party (“LDP”).
Trial Monitoring
The global reach of IFEX 2013 campaign to end impunity
Released on 2013-12-20
When IFEX decided to take on the issue of impunity as a network-wide campaign, our first challenge was a troubling lack of awareness of both the extent of this problem and its impact on free expression.
Trial Monitoring
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