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Fair Trial Rights at the Court of Appeal
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-08-27 in CCHR​ Studio
On 27 August 2014, CCHR TMP held a radio about fair trial rights at the Court of Appeal since its monitoring activities started in March 2013. There were some positive and negative practices have been found between March 2013 and 30 June 2014. These are included in an annual report and leaflet on fair trial rights. Two guest speakers for this program were Mr. Duch Piseth, coordinator and Mr. Sman Oumeout, trial monitor.
Positive and Negative Aspects of Judicial Laws
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-07-30 in CCHR​ Studio
On 30 July 2014, CCHR TMP conducted a radio talk debating on the positive and negative provisions of the judicial laws, which have been promulgated by the King. Guest speaker was Mr. Duch Piseth, coordinator and analyst of these draft laws. The discussion accentuated both positive aspects and negative aspects of the laws so that the public can see how these laws could undermine the independence of the judicial power.
Do the judicial draft laws comply with the Cambodian Constitution?
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-07-02 in CCHR​ Studio
On 02 July 2014, CCHR TMP held a radio talk discussion on the unconstitutionality of the three judicial draft laws. Guest speaker was Mr. Duch Piseth, coordinator and analyst of these draft laws. The discussion emphasized on the specific provisions of the draft laws that could violate the Cambodian Constitution and international standards of the independence of the judiciary.
Outcome of Judicial Draft Law Analysis
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-05-28 in CCHR​ studio
On 28 May, 2104, CCHR TMP held a radio talk show discussing on the outcome of analysis regarding the three draft laws related to the judiciary. The three draft laws provide excessive power to the Minister of Justice in controlling over the courts, judges and prosecutors which undermine the independence of the judiciary. Guest speaker is Mr. Duch Piseth, Trial Monitoring Project Coordinator of CCHR.
Judicial Reform in Cambodia
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-04-02 in CCHR​ studio
On 2 April 2014, TMP conducted a radio talk show debating about a Judicial Reform in Cambodia. The functioning of the judiciary has been amongst the major human rights concerns in Cambodia for some time, central as it is to the protection and enforcement of other rights. Therefore, this talk show identified key issues to be addressed and concrete recommendations to relevant bodies and institutions.
Rights of Remand Persons in Prison
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-03-05 in CCHR​ studio
On 5 March 2014, TMP conducted a radio show discussing on the rights of remand persons in prisons. This show highlighted some specific rights of the remand persons detained in Cambodian prisons and those rights are protected under Law on Prisons adopted in 2011. Also, the show provided some measures to be taken in the case of violations of the rights of those remand persons.
Lawyer’s Professionalism in the Cambodian Legal System
Trial Monitoring Project on 2014-02-19 in CCHR​ studio
On 19 February 2014, TMP conducted a radio debate on “Lawyer’s Professionalism in the Cambodian Legal System with attorney-at-law Yem Sary, a Spokesman and Head of Inspection Unit of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The show aimed to provide a precise background of lawyer professionalism and how Cambodian lawyers could contribute to the promotion and strengthening the rule of law and judicial independence in the country.
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