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CCHR in the News
NGO Hatchet Job - Government response to Ou Virak Op-Ed piece on Asia Times Online
ATO, 2011-10-31
Ou Virak’s “Cambodia’s unrealized peace promise” (October 28) is remarkably long on inflated rhetoric and remarkably short on specifics. Where it deigns to mention specifics, it mostly gets them wrong.
Cambodia's unrealized peace promise
ATO, 2011-10-27
Twenty years ago this week Cambodia entered a brave new dawn. The four Cambodian factions that had fought a protracted civil war since the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979 came together with signatories from 18 countries in Paris to sign the Agreement on a Comprehensive Political Settlement of the Cambodia Conflict, otherwise known as the Paris Peace Agreement.
Despite Ban, Thousands of Maids May Go To Malaysia
VOA, 2011-10-18
“Village, commune and district chiefs must be responsible for the forgery of IDs,” said Ou Virak, head of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. “If the perpetrator is not fined or tried, he or she will continue these human rights violations.”
Cambodian NGOs under the gun
Asia Times Online, 2011-09-20
CCHR president Ou Virak said that the active role played by the land rights NGOs in getting the World Bank to take action on the Boeung Kak issue may very well have pushed the government into taking a stronger stance against criticism of the rail project. He said the government had responded to its critics "the only way they know how" - by attacking the messenger.
Technology experts discuss the internet's role in free speech
The Cambodia Daily, 2011-09-19
"We often don't know in our country if there has been a human rights violation. Our media is dominated by the ruling party," said Chor Chanthyda, a project manager at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights who runs, an online information portal that compiles and maps human rights violations.
NGOs and Cambodia
The Diplomat, 2011-09-14
As Virak Ou, the president of the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights recently said, ‘Ultimately, the fear is that the law may be used as a legislative weapon to stifle grassroots democracy and freedom of expression and association in Cambodia, in violation of the Constitution and the principle of the rule of law.’
Cambodia: Country’s first human rights portal wins innovation award
2BANGKOK, 2011-09-12
Country’s first human rights portal wins innovation award –, September 7, 2011 The Cambodian Center for Human Rights is proud to announce that Cambodia’s first online human rights portal,, has won an Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF) 2011 Award under the category of “Rights and Freedoms…”
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