Boeung Kak and Borei Keila hearings scheduled for 26 December

Created Date : 25 / Dec / 2012
Nature of Violation : Legal/judicial
Rights Involved :


Phnom PenhMunicipal Court has scheduled the trial of two housing rights activists from theBoeung Kak Lake and Borei Keila communities in Phnom Penh, Yorm Bopha and TimSakmony, to take place on 26 December 2012 at 2:00 pm. Yorm Bopha was arrestedon 4 September 2012 and Tim Sakmony the following day, in two separate cases.They have since been held in pre-trial detention at Prey Sar Prison, bothhaving been denied bail. Yorm Bopha wascharged with ’intentional violence with aggravating circumstances,’ underArticle 218 of the Cambodian Penal Code. Her husband, Luos Sakhorn, was alsoarrested and charged but has been released on bail. They have both been accusedof assaulting a suspected thief, accusations which they deny. Tim Sakmony wascharged with making a ’false declaration to a public body for the purpose of obtainingan allowance, payment or any unlawful advantage,’ under Article 633 of thePenal Code. This is thought to be in relation to a request for compensation shemade, on behalf of her disabled son, to Phanimex Company.Yorm Bopha is anoutspoken community activist in the Boeung Kak Lake conflict between thecommunity and a private company, Shukaku Inc. The forced evictions that havetaken place in Boeung Kak Lake have been one of Cambodia’s most devastating,leaving hundreds families homeless. Tim Sakmony is one of the representativesof 106 families now living in tents beside their demolished homes at BoreiKeila, which is currently being redeveloped by Phanimex Co.On 17 December2012, Amnesty International identified both women as prisoners of conscienceand has called for their release. Their arrest has been seen as an attempt by theauthorities to silence peaceful activists advocating for the fundamental rightsof their communities. If found guilty, they could each face between six months andfive years in prison.

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