Media Advisory: Celebration of the 133th Anniversary of International

Created Date : 01 / May / 2019
Nature of Violation :
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We are unionists and civil society organizations1 that have been working to promote Labor rights and Humen rights in Cambodia. Together we are co-organizing the “Gathering to Celebrate the 133th International Labour Day” under the theme “Together to Protect Worker’s Fundamental Rights and the Labour Market ”. Our purpose is to gather together to comment and read the petitions of CSOs, community associations and union networks, which is a request to the Government for prioritized solutions.On this occasion, workers from across all sectors are going to peacefully gather in Freedom Park. on behalf of all participants, we would like to invite representatives of civil society organizations, diplomatic communities, and local and international media to join us to celebrate this special occasion with us too.International’Labour’Day will’take’place’on:● Date’&’Time: May 1st ,’2019,’between 8:00’AM’until’11:00’AM● Place:’ Freedom’Park

Contact Information

For’further’enquiries:Ms.’Ou’Tep’Phallin,’President,’Cambodian’Food’and’Service’Workers’Federation,’011’984’883’Ms.’Bunn’Rachana,’Co-founder’and’executive’director’of’Klahaan Organization,’089’476’146Ms.’Keo’Chanra,’General’Secretary’of’Coalition’of’Cambodia’Farmer’community,’077’553’211’Ms.’Ou’Sopheary,’Campaign’Coordinator,’ActionAid’Cambodia’012’621’822Mr.’Khun’Tharo’,’Project’Coordinator,’Center’for’Alliance’of’Labor’and’Human’Rights,’093’55’66’71