Factsheet on the use of Strategic lawsuit against public participation (“SLAPP”) in Cambodia

  • 30/01/2024
  • Publications > Factsheets

This factsheet exploring the use of SLAPPs in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”) between January to December 2023. A SLAPP or “strategic lawsuit against public participation” (“SLAPP”) was used 39 times over these 12 months. The regular use of SLAPPs by the Royal Government of Cambodia (“RGC”) and third parties stifle the freedom of expression and discourages citizen engagement in the public sphere. The damaging impact of SLAPPs in Cambodia can be seen through the SLAPP case studies highlighted below. The data captured in this factsheet was recorded by the Fundamental Freedoms Monitoring Project (“FFMP”), a joint initiative of CCHR, ADHOC, and the Solidarity Center.