Protecting Fundamental Freedoms: A Desk Review of Domestic Legislation and its Compliance with International Law

  • 29/01/2020
  • Reports > General Reports
This Legal Review is a publication of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”). CCHR is a non-aligned, independent, non-governmental organization (“NGO”) that works to promote and protect democracy and respect for human rights – in particular civil and political rights – in the Kingdom of Cambodia (“Cambodia”). CCHR’s vision is of a non-violent Cambodia, in which people enjoy their fundamental human rights, are treated equally, are empowered to participate in democracy and share the benefits of Cambodia’s development. CCHR desires rule of law rather than impunity; strong institutions rather than strong men; and a pluralistic society in which variety is harnessed and celebrated rather than ignored or punished. CCHR’s logo shows a white bird flying out of a circle of blue sky – this symbolizes Cambodia’s claim for freedom.