Legal Analysis of the Charging and Sentencing of 13 Boeung Kak Community Representatives on 24 May 2012 (criminal case number 1576/24-05-2012)

  • 11/06/2012
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On 24 May 2012, 13 female representatives of the evicted communities at Boeung Kak were charged, tried, sentenced and imprisoned over the course of a single day.1 The women are: Tep Vanny, Heng Mom, Chheng Leap, Kong Chantha, Tol Sreypov, Phann Chhunreth, Pov Sophea, Soung Sakmai, Chan Navy, Tho Davy, Ngoun Kimleang, Song Sreyleap and Nget Khun.2 They were charged at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court under Article 504 of the Penal Code 2009 (Aggravating Circumstances (Obstruction of Public Official)) and Article 34 of the Land Law 2001 (Illegal Occupation of Land) (the “Charges”).3 Under Article 504 of the Penal Code 2009 and Article 259 of the Land Law 2001, seven women were sentenced to two years and six months in prison, five to two years (with six months’ suspended sentence), and 72-year-old Nget Khun to a year (with a year and six months’ suspended sentence).4 Throughout the course of this Legal Analysis, the 13 Boeung Kak women will be referred to as the “Defendants”.